Blender Prices in Kenya

Nothing beats the idea of a cold drink on a warm afternoon. Well, in many homes, this is only possible thanks to the availability of a blender in their kitchen. Blenders are a simple yet essential part of any kitchen. The small kitchen appliance is a time saver when it comes to making smoothies, juices or even blending food among other functions.

Different blenders have different prices depending on their features and capabilities. The cheaper ones can only blend, stir or mix liquids, thin batters, dressing and soft foods, while the more expensive ones have extended processing functions, are generally high-powered and come with chopping accessories. These blenders can serve several purposes thus replacing different appliances in the kitchen making them a worthwhile investment.

Factors to consider when purchasing a blender

Construction and durability- there is a wide variety of blenders in the market which come in an assortment of materials, sizes and designs. The most common materials are plastic, steel and glass. They are compact, durable and rust-resistant as blenders often come into contact with fluids. Blades are constructed from stainless steel which makes the blade stronger and more durable. In addition to that, the best blender to purchase is one that is easily portable and can fit well into your kitchen.

Motor power- a powerful motor allows the blender to easily break and blend hard ingredients. The best blenders have motors ranging between 250 watts to 850 watts.

Speed- blender blades are designed to have multiple speeds which allow one to have more control of the end product. They allow you to blend your items to your most suitable preference.

Multifunctionality- blenders are mainly used to make juices and smoothies. However, some brands have added a variety accessories to add to the uses of the blender. They can be used for food processing, making pastry mixtures, and chopping vegetables among others.

Accessories- some of the main blender attachments include a whisk, mixer for drinks, chopper and jug. You should make sure that all the attachments in the user manual are available when making the purchase.

Easy to use/maintain- most blenders in the market are easy to assemble, although they have removable accessories. They are also easy to maintain by cleaning with water and detergent.

Jar capacity- the capacity of a blender is measured in liters. The higher the capacity of a blender the more you can be able to blend with it at a go.

Types of Blenders

There is quite a variety of blende options available in the market today. The main types of blenders are;

  • Jar blenders- they are the most popular with varying features, capacity and prices, depending on power, function, and blade design.
  • Traditional blenders- they are designed with a base that contains sharp blades, with a glass plastic, porcelain or stainless steel carafe. They feature a removable jar lid that prevents the ingredients from spilling out during blending, especially at high speed. This is perfect for making smoothies.
  • Hand/immersion blender- they are made up of a slender base connected to a stainless steel pipe. They are designed with no container of their own and so the sharp blade is plunged into the prepared ingredients and switched on to start the blending process. These blenders are only suited to smooth blending as they cannot crush hard ingredients.


Best Blender Brands in Kenya

There is a long list of blender brands in Kenya. However, some brands stand out due to their features, functionality, durability, ease of use and affordability among other advantages.

  1. Ramtons

Ramtons blenders are a product of Hypermart Ltd, a company that has developed a good reputation of producing high quality electronic appliances over time. Ramtons blenders are quite convenient and reliable, with features such as; speed control enabled, multifunctionality, mill and chopper (depending on model).

  1. Von Hotpoint

Hotpoint is well known for many home appliances, including but not limited to different types of blenders. Hotpoint blenders are made of quality materials for durability and are quite multifunctional.

  1. Signature

The signature brand has been in the market for quite some time now, and produces good quality products including blenders.  Their blenders are mostly accompanied by other accessories such as mills. They are multipurpose, relatively priced and most have about 400W watts which is ideal for heavy crushing.

  1. Kenwood

Kenwood is a British international company that specializes in appliances. Kenwood produces heavy duty commercial blenders that are suitable especially for businesses. Most blenders are accompanied by a grinder, speed control function and multifunctionality.

  1. Sayona

I have known the Sayona brand for the longest time possible and their products never disappoint. Most Sayona blenders will have speed controls, multi-purpose function, and a relatively lower price compared to other brands.

Other blender brands include Bruhm, Supremo, Lyons, Miman, Royal master and Binatone.

Blender Advantages

Health benefits– you can easily turn healthy whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and other ingredients into juices or smoothies with a blender.

Convenience– blenders are fast and easy to use. By just a press of a button, the blender will have you enjoying your meal. Some modern blenders have the function of heating.

Cost saving– a good quality blender will last you a very long time, and saves you the cost of having to purchase juices and smoothies. This can be a great addition to your kitchen tools.

Easy mixing– you can also use your blender for mixing spices, pastry for pancakes and other ingredients in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of blenders

  • Good quality blenders are expensive to purchase
  • They require regular cleaning for durability and to maintain good hygiene
  • Some models have limited features hence cannot perform functions such as crushing or grinding hard items effectively
  • They require some level of expertise for effective use


  • Which is the best blender in Kenya?

Depending on the purpose you want the blender to serve, there are different brands and types of blenders that are good value for your money. They include but not limited to the ones mentioned in this article for example, Ramtons, Bruhm, Sayona, etc.

  • How do I choose a blender?

If you need a blender mainly for making smoothies and frozen drinks, choose one with at least 500 watts of power and an ice-crushing blade. For a handheld blender on the other hand, look for one with more than 100 watts of power. This is cheaper and consequently has less features.

  • Is blender good for beginners?

You can easily learn how to use a blender form the user guide manual provided during purchase. There are also YouTube videos available to guide you on the same.


Just like other home appliances, we recommend that you purchase a blender that is convenient for you, In terms of functionality, cost and ease of use.

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