Rice Cookers

The convenience of a rice cooker cannot be ignored especially if one cooks rice regularly. With a rice cooker, you just need to measure the correct amount of rice you intend to cook, add some water to broth and a little oil or butter. There are two main types of rice cookers; Conventional and Smart rice cookers. Conventional rice cookers are often basic and very affordable. They are also extremely easy to use and often cook rice quickly. However, they lack many of the features that people desire and do not provide options for a wide range of rice types.

Smart rice cookers are perfect for a wide variety of rice types and cook perfect rice. However, they are more expensive compared to other models. They are also often more hard to figure out. The various rice cooker brands in Kenya include Aroma, Black and Decker, Fagor and Hamilton Beach.

Factors to consider when buying rice cookers in Kenya

  • Ease of use

Making a regular cooking task easier is the main reason why most people buy a rice cooker. Therefore, you definitely need to have to a rice cooker that is easy to use. The simpler the design, the less the user has to figure out. So, the models that are affordable and basic are the easiest to use. However, most of the models have a few steps that provide additional settings and functionality.

Smart rice cookers can sometimes be harder to figure out.

  • Size

Most rice cookers list the number of cups you can make right in the product name. Sizes range everywhere from three cups to twenty. When choosing the size, you should also put in mind the space that you have in the kitchen. Rice cookers for the most part do not take up much space on your counter. But if you have a lot of appliances already on the counter space, be careful to choose a model that will fit.

  • Types of uses

It is worth knowing in advance of what you intend to use your rice cooker for. You can get by with just about any model if you will only need it for white rice. If you intend to use it even for steaming vegetables while you make rice, you need a more versatile model. Therefore, take some time to think through so as to have a much clearer picture of the features and settings that you should look for.

  • Durability

Ensure that you get a durable rice cooker so that you avoid regular replacement. To know whether the model you want to buy is durable, look at the customer reviews.

  • Material of the bowl

The materials of the bowl determines the quality of the cooker. Aluminum heats quickly and unevenly while stainless steel heats evenly. The quality of the non-stick coating is also important. High quality non-stick coating will not chip off quickly and lasts longer.

Pros of rice cookers

  • Cook rice automatically

All you need to do when using a rice cooker is just measure the rice and liquid, set the lid and turn the machine on. Once the cycle is complete, the rice cooker shuts off its cook mode. You do not need to fuss over the rice cooker like you would in a saucepan or other vessels of cooking.

  • Easy to clean

Most rice cookers have components that are safe to put in the dishwasher.

  • Keeps rice warm

Most rice cooker models provide a warming feature once the rice cooker completes its cooking cycle. This ensures that the rice remains warm without overcooking it while you finish up the rest of your meal.

  • Multiple options

One always have the option to choose based on your requirements as rice cookers come in various shapes and sizes

  • Programmable settings

Rice cookers come with settings that are programmable that enable you to cook different types of grains and lentils.

  • Make rice non-sticky

Using a rice cooker solves the issue of non-sticky rice which is a big concern that almost everyone has. This is because it cooks rice in a way that every grain will be separated from the others.

Cons of rice cookers

  • Inconvenient size

A rice cooker might not be the best option for you if you have a small kitchen. The large size of the cooker poses a challenge when it comes to storage in small countertops.

  • Uses non-stick technologies

The container for rice uses non-stick technology. So, you must use specific utensils when scooping out the rice. The surface may be scratched when you use metal utensils, which may result in an inferior cooking experience over time.


  1. How does a rice cooker work?

A rice cooker consists of a removable bowl that has a thermostat beneath. There is a measure for rice and water in the rice cooker. The temperature of the rice cooker cannot exceed the boiling point of water, so the rice is heated continuously but never to the point of boil. The water evaporates and at the end of the process, the cooker turn off automatically.

  1. Why is my inner pan coat peeling?

Peeling of the coat can be as a result of placing or using sharp utensils in the inner pan. Heavy duty sponges can cause scratching off of the non-stick coatin. Also, if the keep warm function is used for more than 12 hours, moisture in rice can penetrate through the non-stick coating and bind to it.

Nonetheless, avoid using spices, oil, butter or salt in the inner pan. Some models also have gaskets on the outer lid that tends to hold the water during the cooking process. Ensure that you rinse and wipe dry at every due to keep dew from dripping into the inner pan and causing lifting of the coating.

  1. Can the rice maker cook a second batch of rice right after finishing the first batch?

The rice maker needs to cool off before it begins a second batch. To use a function twice in a row, the inner pan must be removed and the lid removed to help it cool off. Wait at least 30-60 minutes before using again. Be sure to use room temperature water for the second batch so that the sensor works properly to avoid undercooking the rice.


Rice cookers are usually easy to use and present you with a finished tasty version of rice. They are also convenient, save time and energy hence typically make life easier. They ensure that cleaning up burned rice is a thing of the past. So, investing in a rice maker is very much worth it.

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