Ramtons Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner- RM/553


Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner- RM/553

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Ramtons Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner- RM/553

Ramtons Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner- RM/553 is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool that can handle both wet and dry messes. This vacuum cleaner’s powerful 1400 Watt motor effortlessly offers great suction force, making it an excellent choice for a variety of cleaning tasks. Whether you’re dealing with spilled liquids or tough dry debris, the RM/553 can manage it all.

The vacuum cleaner is made of robust stainless steel and has a 21-litre tank capacity to collect dirt, dust, liquids, and other debris. The stainless steel construction not only provides durability but also simplifies maintenance by making it simple to clean and maintain the hygiene of the vacuum.

The RM/553 has caster wheels that improve its agility, allowing you to glide it across diverse terrain with ease. The 5-meter power chord has a long reach, reducing the need to regularly swap power outlets during cleaning sessions. Furthermore, the blower port design allows you to turn around the airflow, allowing you to utilize the vacuum cleaner as a blower to clear leaves or trash from outdoor locations.


  • Wet and Dry
  • 1400 Watts motor
  • Stainless steel
  • 21 Litre tank
  • Caster Wheeled
  • 5M Power cord
  • Blower port design
  • Top carry handle for portability
  • Swiveling casters provide ease of movement in any direction
  • Accessories:
    • 1.5-meter x 32mm hose
    • Telescopic metal tube
    • Floor brush
    • Water brush upholstery nozzle
    • 2-in-1 dusting brush
    • Cloth bag
    • HEPA filter
    • Foam filter


1.Effortless Cleaning

Cleaning our homes has never been easier or more efficient, owing to the modern Ramtons RM/553 multipurpose cleaning instrument that has gained notice for its remarkable performance and multifunctionality. This cutting-edge device changes the way we approach cleaning activities, making them more manageable and more efficient.

2.More Versatile

The RM/553 is intended to handle all types of spills, dust, grime, and debris, eliminating the need for additional cleaning instruments and streamlining your cleaning process.

3.1400 Watts motor

A powerful 1400 Watt motor powers this remarkable cleaning equipment. This powerful motor ensures that the RM/553 provides great suction, efficiently pulling away debris, dust, and even liquid spills from a variety of surfaces. The performance of the motor not only provides complete cleaning but also minimizes the time and effort required for each activity, leaving your areas clean and revitalized.

4.Durability and Functionality

The RM/553 is made of robust stainless steel and has a sleek and modern style as well as remarkable durability. The stainless steel structure not only adds to the appliance’s aesthetic appeal, but also assures that it can survive the rigors of continuous use. Furthermore, the stainless steel tank with a huge 21-litre capacity provides plenty of area to gather waste, dirt, and liquids without having to empty it regularly.

5.Blower Port Design

The RM/553’s blower port design is one of its most notable features. This advancement allows you to reverse the airflow, converting the vacuum cleaner into a blower. This feature is useful for clearing leaves from outdoor spaces or removing dust from hard-to-reach spots.

6.Comprehensive Accessories

The Ramtons Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner – RM/553 comes with an array of accessories that increase its versatility and functionality. The kit comprises a 1.5-meter x 32mm hose, a telescopic metal tube, a floor brush, a water brush upholstery nozzle, a 2-in-1 dusting brush, a cloth bag, a HEPA filter, and a foam filter. These attachments cater to a variety of cleaning demands, ensuring you have the proper tool for every surface


The Ramtons Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner – RM/553 is a great cleaning companion. Its ability to convert from wet to dry cleaning, combined with its strong motor, long-lasting build, and clever design, makes it a must-have appliance for every home. You can confidently handle cleaning duties with the RM/553, leaving your living spaces gleaming and rejuvenated with no effort. With the Ramtons RM/553, you can experience the future of cleaning and rediscover the joy of a clean home.

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